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Board Member Services

We offer board member services with focus on enabling your business to grow further. We provide experience across business and industries with focus on Finance and IT. We assist your business to unleash the potential.

Joint Venture Board Member - France

Member of Management Board

  • JV project within offshore wind
  • Assets under construction >45bn. DKK
  • Representing 50% stakeholder
  • Negotiating terms for partnership
  • Driving follow-up model
  • Legal structuring 
  • Part of Commercial team

Chairman of Board - UK Based property company

Chairman of Board

  • Assets under ownership, approx. 55m DKK
  • Handling financing
  • Developing use of assets
  • Optimising ownership structure
  • Optimising tax structure

Membor of Board

  • Developing new green logistic solution
  • Handling financing
  • Developing strategic pricing solutions 
  • Handling government grants

Member of Board - Logistics company

Member of Advisory Board - IT Company

Member of Advisory Board

  • Focus on strategic pricing reducing churn
  • Securing financing
  • Supporting founder in driving financial sound decisions

Contact information:

m: +45 53 20 52 00 e:

a: Lundemarken 6, 4000 Roskilde, Denmark

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